September 28th, 2011

Morning!  We've been busy today so far.  We awoke early, and have done much!  The kitchen is clean, dishes done, clothes are in the dryer.  Cat boxes are tended to, and now we are writing compliments (and one complaint) to companies to share the love :)

I have an exciting bit of tidbit of information to share!  There is a fantastic family blog, is http://www.santoshawellnessgroup.com that I love, and I have been asked to write a blurb on it about the companies I write!  I'm pretty stoked about it, and will keep you posted so you can check it out too!

We had a busy day - we spent the morning cleaning, then spent the afternoon at the children's museum.  Iz had a ton of fun - she met some new playmates, and got to play dress up and ride motorcycles. :)

I have been struggling with daily migraines, so this evening was a wash for me, but tomorrow should be eventful.  Iz will spend her first full day with her new sitter, and I think she will enjoy it.  I will have time to myself, and will be working on organizing and picking up at home!

I have been working on the saving money aspect of this blog - Check out the new tabs, and let me know what you think!
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