September 25th, 2011

Good Evening!

We are pretty much moved at this point, and enjoying Lincoln so far.  My lovely father in law spent a good deal of time hanging all of my photos and things for the wall this weekend so our apartment is begining to look like home! 

As for home, our house hasnt yet sold...not so surprising based on the current market.  We are hopeful though that it will soon sell, or we can rent it.

We are trying to find a routine here in NE, but havent found one yet.  I am applying and interviewing for positions and hope to find one soon.......so my frivolous spending may resume!

Its game night tonight, but I wanted to touch base - I'll  be back tonight or tomorrow, and will be working on really getting involved with tracking life here in blogland!

Over and Out,

The Poenisch's

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