September 29th, 2011

Today was a productive day.  Isabel is spending some time with her new daycare gal, and adjusting, so mama was home alone today.  I got to some cleaning, applied for some jobs and clipped some coupons.  I also wrote to some companies :) 

Now, I'd like to have sort of a scheduled content for this blog.  One idea for each day of the week.  Some things I came up with are:

Match ups
Money saving ideas
Craft Day

I need a few more ideas....any suggestions?

Once I get  settled on some ideas, we'll have a theme for each day and there will be the usual blurb on my family, as well as a focus on some sort of tip or fun idea for the day!

Over and Out,


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PaisleyLove said...

Good humor Fridays to start the weekend on a positive note.