August 23rd, 2011

HOLY COW I am not good at keeping up!  I feel like life is a thousand miles an hr lately!  Since I last blogged, we have moved into our apt, and despite some rocky beginings there, it is now fixed up to our liking.  We spent the weekend with  Kev's parents, then came back to SD.  My family came out to hang out one last time, and then I shipped my husband off to NE.

Isabel is a little confused sometimes  - she knows daddy, meeps and pearl are in 'braska, but she doesnt really get that he cant just come over on a whim.  She gets upset, but we are getting through :).  Isabel and I surprised daddy by making a day trip to Lincoln, NE that we all reallly realllly needed, and now we are on week 2.

Kev is settled in our apt in Lincoln, and enjoying it.  He loves to hang out in the pool and get a workout in.  Iz and I are just suffering in the heat here in Volga, SD with Java - the remaining cat.  She is also having a hard time being away from the other cats. 

Tonight, Iz and I are watching movies and eating enchiladas - we plan to paint our toes - the perfect girls night in!  We are contemplating driving to Sioux Falls tomorrow to get Isabel's ears pierced.  We shall see what tomorrow brings!

We had another showing on the house today, but still no bids....wish us luck!

I have officially put in my resignation at CAPITAL, and my last working day is 9.8.2011 - which is coming up very fast.  I do not have employment lined up in NE, but am planning on enrolling in school again....stay tuned for more on that!  For now, I must go - strawberry shortcake awaits!

Over and out -
Danielle and Iz.

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Jenn Hansen said...

What a fun girls night! I'm so excited to see the Iz's ears!!!