August 15th, 2011

Hello folks :) 

It's been some time since I was able to log in and 'blog.'  We have been very busy, and had a few little roadbumps in our transition to Nebraska.  Because of those, I've not done any C25K or other workouts since the last time I posted I did.  I am trying to keep the goal in sight, and to not fret about missing a few days.  Life is so crazy busy right now - I need to keep that in mind, and keep working towards the light at the end of the tunnel!

Let me give you a rundown of how our time has been spent lately!

On Wednesday, mama worked.  Isabel and papa spent a good deal of time at home, cleaning and packing.  They did a great job, and I came home to a clean house and tired family.  I was excited to be off of work, as I had a full seven days off all in a row after that.  On my way into the house, I noticed that I had a headlamp out on the car, but forgot to tell Kev about it.  :)

On Thursday, mama and papa went to pick up the Uhaul.  It was epic.  We decided last minute that it would be fun to check out the Casino in Watertown, SD.  You see, we had to travel an hour north to pick up our Uhaul because Brookings didnt have any.  So, we got a sitter and headed North.  We had a fun time playing at the casino, then went to pick up the truck.  We had good, fast service at the Uhaul rental place and everything went smoothly.  That is, until we got on the highway.  I was driving in front of Kev because the Uhaul place was not sure that the truck had enough gas to get back to Brookings.  I was only going about 55 on hwy 29 (75 mph speed limit) and Kevin was not catching up.  After a bit, I got concerned and slowed more.  I could see him, but he seemed to be slowing as well.  At this point, Kev was planning to get off of the hwy because the truck kept fishtailing, but had not found a spot to do so yet. 

Next thing I know, the cab of the uhaul is rocking back and forth, off its tires, the back end swung out and was shooting sparks all over.  People were driving off the highway in an effort not to have an accident, two tires came rolling up the hwy past myself.  In retrospect, I have no idea how Kev had the stoic mindset to get that truck stable and off the road - I would have crashed into something or rolled without a doubt.  It was as if there were no lugnuts at ALL on the truck.

There we sat, on the side of the road, and in complete utter shock at what had just happened.We called the shop we rented from, and they told us we had to call uhaul.  We called uhaul, and struggled with comprehension a bit.  They couldnt seem to grasp the idea that TWO TIRES FELL OFF the truck.  They kept saying, they went flat? Anyhow, they sent out a towtruck, got us in a new truck and sent us on our way.  It took hours longer than expected.  That afternoon was supposed to be designated for packing the truck, but this cut severly into this. 

Kev and his buddy packed as much as they could in the truck while Iz and I napped...rough life, right?  Then we ran to the store, and picked up dinner.  The in laws came in that night, and we worked and worked and worked, but got everything we needed packed.  It was a looooong day!

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