August 7th, 2011

Today was a long day!  I worked - as per usual, and am on day 7 of a 10 day stretch.  Kev and Isabel went to chuch without me - because I had to work. :(

I came home from work, and Isabel and I slept.  And it was oh so good.  I had spent quite some time thinking this morning, and I have decided that I am SICK of being heavy, and have decided to utlitize this transitional period in our lives right now to get healthy.

I started today with some stretching, and day one of C25K.  This is a program that eases you into running/jogging, and I am excited to do it.  As you might know, I have some big problems with my skin and my feet, so running has never been my thing.  After researching this program, I think that it might be a subtle enough increase in movement and whatnot that my feet will adjust.  I dont know, but we will see.

Kev is very supportive of my endeavor, and Isabel is just confused.  She spent a good deal of time lookng for 'jon' today after I got back from my jog....

Anyhow, Day 1 was a success.  Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as well!

Over and out,

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Emily said...

I love that she was looking for Jon! Haha!